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Nova Star (film)

NOVA STAR NOVA STAR | Teaser TrailerDaniel Armstrong (SHEBORG MASSACRE, TARNATION) has just unleased a teaser...


Nova Star (film)

Category Film
Date September 23, 2018


NOVA STAR | Teaser Trailer

Daniel Armstrong (SHEBORG MASSACRE, TARNATION) has just unleased a teaser for his all-new sci-fi opus, NOVA STAR and you need to see it immediately 👀 #NovaStar

Posted by Monster Pictures on Tuesday, 1 January 2019

September, 2018
Type: Feature Film
Role: Producer, Production Designer

Nova Star is a retro sci-fi feature film directed by Daniel Armstrong of Strongman Pictures. As the producer I saw to regular producing duties such as casting, scheduling, crewing, and planning, as well as overseeing the film in a creative capacity. I designed the directions for the sets, built by Josh Collins, and the custom wardrobe, by Rachael Lee Perks. I created props and some wardrobe pieces, as well as purchasing and altering additional props and costumes, and set dressing to create a crazy neon sci-fi world.

Nova Star is currently in post production and due for release in 2019.

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