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Jenna Cosgrove

Strength You Can Trust

STRENGTH YOU CAN TRUST May - June, 2016 Type: Music Video Role: Production Designer, Director (Melbourne) Director: Martin...



May – June, 2016
Type: Music Video
Role: Production Designer, Director (Melbourne)
Director: Martin Skibosh (Los Angeles), Jenna Cosgrove (Melbourne)


STRENGTH YOU CAN TRUST is the debut single from the album by the same name by Gulliver Giles. My role for this clip was to devise a concept that fit in with the theme of the song – the album is motivational music for entrepreneurs, set to punk-style music. I came up with a Lost Boys theme, which runs through both the shots of the musician filmed in the studio in LA, and a storyline component filmed in Melbourne.

Production Design:

At the studio in LA I created a gothic feast set up for one scene, and worked with the DoP to create a moonlit window set for the second scene.

The storyline component in Melbourne follows a group of Lost Boys who break into bleak, grey offices to break corporate drones out of their miserable lives. I sourced two locations for this shoot – and office, and an outdoor forest-look area, both within close proximity to the CBD.

I designed the overall look of the Lost Boys, custom making the costumes and referencing makeup looks that our makeup artist then brought to life.

I also designed both sets. I kept everything in the office black, white and grey, to contrast with the Lost Boys when they arrive. For the forest scene, I set up a table to echo the table in the LA scenes, and also decorated the large tree on set and the surrounding area to look like the Lost Boys forest home.

I was also the director and producer for the Melbourne leg of the production.

LA crew:

Director: Marty Skibosh
DoP: Matt Turve
Makeup: Angela Mobile Makeup
Set Design: Jenna Cosgrove

Melbourne crew:

Director: Jenna Cosgrove
DoP: Andrea Asnicar
Production Design: Jenna Cosgrove
Make up: Zoe Karabatos
Hair: Josie Hanuska
PA: Mitch Ziems
PA: Tony Cosgrove
Costume Assistant: Gail Cosgrove

Melbourne cast:

Peter: Udonnis St Victor
Wendy: Natalia Nespeca
Nibs: Whitney Duff
Curly: Kate Ball
Slightly: Jack Michel
The Boss: Shannon Reid
Puppet 1: Elizabeth Brennan
Puppet 2: Seb Muirhead
Puppet 3: Jordana Adams